Squash Cashew Dip

Inspired by this zucchini, yogurt and mint dip, this squash and cashew dip is easy and delicious. The best way to describe it is as a chunky hummus.

Because I’m not a big milk drinker, I’ve been experimenting with making my own cashew milk. The only reason I would buy milk is for my coffee and even the smallest bottle goes bad before I can finish it. Bulk cashews are an awesome zero waste alternative and it’s easier to control the quantity of milk. Anyone ever freeze cashew milk? There are a couple small jars of cashew milk hanging out in the freezer right now and I’m anxious to see how it works out.

My food processor is pretty pathetic and isn’t able to pulverize the cashews so there’s a lot of pulp left over. It’s fun to experiment with the cashew pulp and it often ends up as a ricotta cheese substitute. This time around the cashew pulp was substitute for yogurt. If cashew pulp isn’t a staple in your pantry (weirdo) then just put some cashew, or another nut you like, in the food processor first with a little water and pulse until it’s as smooth as you want it.

Combine the cashews, some sautéed yellow squash and garlic, a big handful of dill, a good glug of olive oil and salt and pepper. Mix it all up in a hopefully not pathetic food processer and voila! Equal parts cashew pulp to squash seemed to do the trick but you should experiment with whatever proportions seem right to you.

Add chopped up veggies from the garden and some good bread for dipping. Make sure you spend more time arranging an Instagram worthy plate and picking the right filter for the photos than you did on the recipe. This way everyone will know that you’re creative AF.

2 thoughts on “Squash Cashew Dip

  1. Christine! I am a Vermonter, born and raised but have been living out west for some years. I am planning a move back in 2018, selling my house in Black Hawk, South Dakota and investing in a tiny house – not sure if buying used, saving to build or waiting until I am back there and scouting out buying – but I was wondering a couple of things – how are zoning laws in Burlington for Tiny House? Is yours on private land? Do you pay a rental fee to park? My mom lives in Berlin, near Montpelier – so was gonna maybe just park on her lawn for 6 months or so – to help take care of her – while I look around for a more permanent way to live Tiny. Just full of questions – was it very hard to build? I am 50 plus years old so…just trying to weigh all options. Been following all things Tiny for about 3 years…


    • Hey Sandra! I’ve found that as long as you meet the requirements of a primary dwelling or accessory dwelling, then your tiny house is legal. The state as a whole doesn’t have laws that discriminate against size or being on wheels. However, most tiny houses on wheels don’t aren’t connected to septic or sewer and therefore aren’t technically legal. It varies from town to town so you should check with the zoning administrator.


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