Throwback Thursday


Can you guess what this is?

This is a photo of the bathroom pocket door taken in early December 2015. The days were chilly but the sun was warm. The house was sealed up and with two of us working inside we could get the temperature up to a fairly comfortable level. Nights were a different story. The door must have had a little moisture on it and when the temperature dipped over night, the beautiful magical icicles formed!

I thought the door was ruined! but that previously mentioned warm sun melted the ice and dried out the wood. My dear friend Pam painted the door blue using paint I had salvaged. It was so low on my list of priorities that it hardly mattered what it looked like. True to her wildly creative soul, she decided flat paint wasn’t good enough and she dry brushed accents. I’m so grateful she did! It adds so much dimension and character. Check out her Instagram for more evidence of her endless talents.


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