Throwback Thursday

The last few weeks of building where some of the hardest of my life. That sounds dramatic but it was a lot of work. On top of the insane amount of work we were doing on the tiny house, we were both working full time jobs and it was Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Woof.

If you look outside the window you’ll see it’s pitch black outside. We were regularly working until 10pm and then waking up bright and early to do it all again.

After much hemming and hawing, we opted for sheet rock on the ceilings and walls. We didn’t use any fancy tricks, just installed like you would in a home on a foundation. We were so nervous that it would crack and crumble in transport. As soon as we arrived at the destination, I lept from the truck and made a b line for the inside to check for damage. It was dark out (working at night seems to be a theme) and we had to use our cell phone flashlights. Thankfully, there was no damage. 7 months later, there’s minimal cracking along the seems but nothing that is alarming.

After we finished building, I found an Article from Tiny House Talk highlighting tips for installing Sheetrock in a tiny house. I wish I’d found this just a few weeks sooner! But all in all, the walls in Little Lou are just fine.

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. hi, I have two quick questions. Is that drywall on your interior walls and if so how does it hold up when moving the TH? Also what is your exterior siding material? Thanks very much, james


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