Happy Trailer-versary

Happy trailerversary Little Lou!


One year ago today, the 8 x 24 custom built tiny house trailer from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company arrived! What an incredible year it’s been. I’ve accomplished more than I ever thought possible and worked  so incredibly hard to do so. It would have been impossible with out the unwavering love and support from family and friends. Coincidentally, the trailerversary falls just after that I embarked on another new adventure.


For the past four years, I’ve worked at the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District in several roles, most recently serving as the School Program Manager. Basically, I got to teach  kids about recycling and composting – two of my favorite things! Want to know my third favorite thing? (kid shouts out: trash!) No,  I don’t really like trash. My third favorite thing is pizza!

That joke was always a hit and having fun with students while talking about such important topics always brought me a lot of joy. However, I knew that I beginning to get tired and wanted to move on before I was burnt out. So I started putting feelers out for new jobs. I applied and interviewed for a couple of positions but nothing really worked out – mostly because I wasn’t particularly excited about the opportunities.


Well, I finally found an opportunity that I’m really excited about. Last week, I began working at Yestermorrow – a sustainable design and build school in Warren, VT. If you’re interested in tiny houses, yurts, timber framing or sustainable building in general, please check out their website.Stay tuned to see where this new adventure takes me!

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