Tiny Tip Tuesday

I like blogs that have weekly series that I can look forward to. Also, I’m hoping if I publicly commit to posting a weekly tip, I’ll actually do it and will be less likely to neglect this space. Every Tuesday I’ll post a little tip about going zero waste,  sustainability or tiny house living. I want to create content for others to enjoy, so if you like a post and want to see similar ideas in the future let me know. If you don’t like the post and want to hear more about other topics, let me know.


tiny tip #1 – bring a reusable cup with you

For some this might be a no brainer.I agree, it is a no brainer! If you’re not already carrying your own mug for coffee, get your shit together and start bringing one. (Too harsh? too bad!) I’m always surprised when I go to other states and people hesitate to refill my own cup. One time at a Starbucks (Please support your local coffee shop instead of a chain!) in Staten Island -land of the orange- the barista made my drink in a disposable cup even though I had handed over my cup. When I pointed out that my reusable cup was right next to her, she said (cue Staten Island accent) “don’t worry, I’ll pour it in there after so it stays hot”. Ugh. Face meet palm.



Despite the occasional hiccup, I bring a reusable cup with me almost everywhere I go. I carry a mug in the winter for hot drinks. In the summer I carry a tumbler for iced coffees, water, lemonade at the farmers market and boozey cocktails on the beach. I upgraded from plastic to metal – plastic leech toxins (ew!) into your drinks (especially hot drinks) and are not nearly as durable. Also, plastic holds on the taste of whatever you put in there. So if you usually use your plastic cup for coffee but use it for water in a pinch, be prepared for your water to have notes of coffee. Stanley Stainless Steel Classic Mug (18 oz)

This past winter, I lost my beloved coffee tankard. Seriously, a tankard – it was a giant mug that was metal on the inside and super well insulated. I could write a love song about this mug. But alas, despite many weeks of wishing and returning to the last know location, the mug remains at large. I have to get something else before the cold weather returns.I’ll take my time picking out something just right, making do with what I have for now. I hope you’ll do the same.


It’s tempting to rush out and buy new things to help you along your zero waste journey. I would encourage you to slow down, look at what you already have and make do for a while. Mindless and rushed purchases will lead to products that are not quite as helpful as you might have hoped. But one cheap and easy option I’d like to suggest (if you have nothing else already at home!) is the Cuppow! which can be used to turn any wide mouth mason jar into a to go cup.

A few things to think about

  1. Does it have a lid that seals tight? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tossed my mug in my bag and later realized there was still a few drops of coffee in there – Coffee stains aren’t a good look.
  2. Does it fit in your car cup holder? I unfortunately don’t have the luxury of public transportation to many of the places I need to go. As a road warrior, I need a cup of coffee whenever I head into battle. The previously mentioned tankard had one downside-It didn’t fit in the cup holder.
  3. It is durable? You don’t want to invest something that will crack, grow mold, hold onto odors/tastes, shatter  etc. It’s nice to have something that will last for years and you can toss in your bag without a second thought.

5 thoughts on “Tiny Tip Tuesday

  1. Hi Chrissy Lou, I really enjoyed your HGTV episode. Your bubbly personality made for a great show! Congratulations on your home build. I’ve always liked the tiny home idea.

    You should look into a Hydro Flask brand thermos. They’re great and come in many colors. I’ve got the powder blue!

    So how is the tiny living experience so far?


      • Is their anything you’d build differently since living in your home? Do you use solar panels?


      • I don’t use solar panels because I can’t afford them at the moment. However, it’s something I’d love to do it the future. The one thing I really wish I did was consider radiant flooring. I don’t know if I would have gone for it but I didn’t even give it a second thought and my floors are pretty chilly in the winter.


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