Simple and Tiny


During a presentation at Yestermorrow about tiny house design the speaker Lina Menard, shared a concept she called “keep the kettle on the stove”. Basically, keep things where they are functional and useful.

Logan and Tammy’s tiny house has a wet bath. In a video tour of the house, they mentioned it was easier to shower at the gym because setting up the bathroom for a shower was a pain. I don’t think these were their exact words but I can’t find the original clip so I’m improvising.

Even if I’m misremembering Logan and Tammys words, these two concepts influenced the design for Little Lou-everything is easily accessible and functional without having to be converted. A murphy bed is a good example of what I was trying to avoid – it folds up into the wall to save space which is great but you need to fold it up everyday to have access to that space. That seemed like a daily chore that would be a pain. It’s pretty great to be able to roll out of bed and leave it it unmade while enjoying your morning coffee. Which is why I went for a lofted bedroom.

cozy and messy in the tiny house loft

For me, it’s better to simplify and declutter than to design custom storage to hold lots of stuff. With just a few cabinets, most of the stuff in the house is on display at
all times. Therefore a lot of thought goes into every item that comes into the house. I typically try* to abide by a zero waste philosophy which means I try* to buy second hand whenever possible. When buying new, I look to buy things that are well made, durable, functional and beautiful.

ditched the jewlery box to save space and add beauty

 Throughout the year before move in, downsizing was a high priority. Friends would leave my apartment with an armful of stuff after every visit. I sold, gave away or donated a lot of stuff keeping only the bare minimum and the sentimental. Most of the stuff filling my apartment was thrifted, picked up at the curb or inherited from previous roommates. None of it was particularly valuable or sentimental. It may not be in the spirit of zero waste but if I regretted getting rid of something it was easily replaceable.

moving out of my apartment

*when it comes to zero waste, it’s all about little changes over time to make a big difference. While still far from zero waste, I work hard towards to goal on a daily basis.

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