Everybody poops!

Hopefully you were able to tune into Tiny House, Big Living on HGTV and catch the episode about Little Lou! If you did, thank you! You probably noticed my not so subtle talk about poop. Sometimes the filter between my brain and my mouth is non existent. Thank God I’m not shy.


These poop comments seemed to generate a lot of buzz. A colleague sent an email with the subject “You said ‘poop’ on TV!”. A friend posted on Facebook “Best line I’ve heard on hgtv “I’ve trained myself not to poop in the morning” YES.” and a couple of strangers even tweeted about it.

Because of my job, I’m more comfortable talking about waste than the average person. It’s also one of the most frequent questions people ask about the tiny house. So I’m pretty blunt about it. I use a composting toilet, which is really a nicer way of saying a 5 gallon bucket with a toilet seat, that I’ve got to dump when it’s full. I’ve been dumping into a green cone food digester which works really great for nitrogen rich materials (food) but its slow to break down carbon rich materials (sawdust from the toilet). In an effort to not overwhelm my systems and because dumping the full bucket isn’t the most pleasant, I try to do my business elsewhere.

It’s not extreme, I’m not making myself sick, it’s not really a big deal.


One thought on “Everybody poops!

  1. LOL I have to admit, it is the most common question I get, too. I love that I have to get up and get out to the coffee shop in the morning if I don’t feel like ‘composting’ my poop. I get to see people, clear the decks for a great day, and make it all labor free. Otherwise, it’s really easy to have a ‘once a week clean-out.’

    I’ve trained myself to use two buckets, and all the liquid leaves daily, into the garden or the lawn. Nice and green, and not hard at all!


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