Mother effin’ Spiral Staircase

IMG_5381 IMG_5384 IMG_5437
Perhaps this isn’t the most eloquent title for a blog post, but it pretty much sums up how excited I am. I really wasn’t sure what kind of stairs I wanted for my tiny house. I felt like  my only options were straight ladders or storage stairs. If we did straight stairs, the dismount would have been awkward-a quick step to the side to avoid the cabinets near the ladder base. Storage stairs would have been cool, but I didn’t feel like I needed to extra storage (I have a bunch of space in the loft above my bathroom). Plus, we didn’t have time to build elaborate stairs.

HGTV was planning to come in mid December to film the final day of building and the big reveal. We decided to just build a temporary ladder until we figured out the perfect solution. But then I found the perfect solution about a week before we were scheduled to finish. With one week left and a ton of work to do, I seriously debated even mentioning the idea to Seth. I knew if he saw the photo he would be determined to make it happen.

IMG_5455 IMG_5442

Well I finally showed it to him and he was determined to make it happen. I need you all to know just how amazing Seth is – he looked at a couple of plans for similar steps but mostly built this staircase without directions. He stayed up until 1 am working on it so we could have it installed for the final reveal. This staircase is an awesome demonstration of his hard work and talent. I’ll be forever impressed.

Funny story – we never had time to paint the staircase. There are two coats of primer, which was applied by some of the HGTV crew (we were behind schedule). The paint and glue were still wet when we installed the stairs so we couldn’t climb up them for a few days after installation. Also, Seth was able to bend the plywood because it accidentally got wet in the rain. We thought it was going to have to be trashed but the moisture actually worked in our favor.

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