The Paint Saga

It took me so long to decide on a paint color. I was first inspired by this house in my neighborhood that was navy blue/purple with lime green trim. I think I sampled about 12 different colors and was starting to panic that I would never be content. I ended up with a navy blue with a dark brown trim, but not before trying out many shades of purple, gray and blue. I even bought 2 gallons of Egyptian Violet paint* before I decided it was way to bright for the tiny house.


There was a little bit of a time crunch due to weather. I had resigned myself to the idea that we weren’t going to have enough warm days left to paint the exterior. The composite siding is pre-primed and would have been fine until spring. So, I was taking my time deciding on the color. Then we had a warm spell and I was panicked to find a color before it turned cold again. The primer was really ugly and I really wanted to paint it.

We had a beautiful weekend and my friend Erika came to help again. This girl is amazing! She painted the entire house for me! I owe her a bajillion hours of painting, staining, my first born and whatever else she might need. It was a huge help and relief to have her there. Plus, I’m always thrilled when we get to spend time together.


*Anyone interested in buying 2 gallons of bright purple exterior paint?


3 thoughts on “The Paint Saga

  1. I’d say you have a fabulous friend. I have a ton of molding/trim to paint. She can come over and paint some more! Coffee/tea is always ready! Teehee. Your home is looking amazing! Paint giant clay pots and any outdoor wooden furniture with the violet paint. Happy New Year! Koko 🙂


  2. I’m in awe! This is the coolest thing ever! I had no idea all that would have to go into making a little house like this. You are truly making a difference in the world. I’m inspired!

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  3. I am sooo in love with your home’s exterior colors! We are in Alaska and are building our own tiny/small home (will be on foundation, though). Your paint colors are just what I had in mind—do you remember the brand/color names your chose? Thanks for sharing your home–it’s great!


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