Little Steps, Little Windows


Still chugging along trying to finish framing the little loft windows and installing other windows. Almost all of my windows are salvaged/second hand. But the thing about using used windows is they can be a real pain to install. Slowly but surely, we’re moving along.

IMG_4515  IMG_4512

I put the tiny bathroom window in upside down. Because I’m pretty clueless and awkward with a hammer (and just generally awkward) it took forever to pull out all the nails, turn the window upside right and nail it back into place. Seth could have done this in about 30 seconds – Thank God he’s helping me otherwise I’d still be building this house 30 years from now


The windows for my living room I ended up purchasing new after many unsuccessful searches on craigslist and at the salvage yards. Those went in easy peasy. Sometimes it’s easier and faster to use new materials but I think all the effort of using secondhand materials will be worth it in the end.

IMG_4511  IMG_4510

I laid out the floor plan in tape so I could start visualizing the layout. I had originally planned to have the refrigerator opposite the kitchen sink but it was too narrow. We made some adjustments to the floor plan and now the fridge will be next to the stove. I’m sure there will be many other changes as we go along.

3 thoughts on “Little Steps, Little Windows

  1. I love your Little Lou! I would love to talk with you about this. I am super interested in tiny houses. I just can’t get enough, reading, watching videos, make sketches and dreaming about the perfect design. It looks like you put all that into action. Good for you! Wouldn’t it be awesome to gather several tiny houses in one area? Help and support a tiny community? Count me in!

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    • Cindy-
      I would love to connect with you about an opportunity for a tiny house community in Barre City. Would you like to meet up for a cup of coffee? Or I could swing by the school during one of your breaks!


  2. I think something like windows should be “new”. The new ones are so much more efficient. In the end the cost savings will out weight the front end expense. Well done on the windows! 🙂


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