Where am I gonna put this thing?


The hunt for a real house has been unsuccessful so far. Houses are so expensive! I fell in love with one – a beautiful 1920’s duplex with a huge back yard- put an offer and the seller accepted another offer. This totally put a damper on the whole house hunting experience. I’m sure that a lot of other people can relate.

The pressure is on – Little Lou is scheduled to be complete by the end of November! So it’s time to explore other short term options for parking until I find a house of my own to purchase.

Little Lou would need access to a hose for water, a 50amp plug for electricity and a place to compost. I would cover any costs associated with setting utilities up. I’m open to all sorts of rental or barter arrangements. I’m hoping to find something located on the route 2 corridor between Burlington and Montpelier.

Two of my awesome friends have offered to let me park at their house so it’s not a desperate situation. They live outside of the Burlington/Winooski area and have an absolutely beautiful home. However, it’s still a long commute from their house to my office. If I’m going to have to compromise on where I’d live, it would be nice to find something closer work.

but beggars can’t be choosers! I’m open to hearing all options.

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