Hey, hurry up with those 2×4’s!

Little Luna, Big Boss

Still plugging away on framing. We have all the windows on the “first floor” framed and started the ceiling for the bathroom. Next up will be the roof! I really wanted to have some sort of tub in the tiny house, even if it wasn’t huge. Sometimes (often) I’m too lazy to go to the laundromat and end up washing essentials (undies) in the tub. Since I don’t have a lot of space or money, I decided to buy a horse trough. It only cost me $90!  We will cut a hole in the bottom for drainage and should be good to go. Inspiration here and here


IMG_3838 IMG_3343

IMG_3831 IMG_3833

Four walls!

We finished framing all four walls! We spent 3 partial days working on this part. My Mom and Dad were in town and spent half a day helping out. I am so glad they were able to see it. I have the best parents. Seriously, the best. They are so unbelievably supportive of everything I’ve ever wanted to do.


Framing for Little Lou was pretty standard. We used 2×4’s for most of the frame with the exception of the back wall which is 2×6. It required a little creativity to frame around the wheel wells but once we figured that out it was pretty straight forward. Next weekend we will finish up a few details on the walls, start hanging sheathing and maybe start framing the roof if there’s time.