Little Lou Tiny House

After almost a year of planning and dreaming, I ordered an 8 x 24 trailer to build a tiny house on wheels!

Why the heck am I doing this?! Mobility, freedom, adventure? There are so many motivations to consider! I’m not sure it’s possible to fully explain why but this is my best shot.

My motivation is twofold. I want to live a lifestyle that is a little kinder, more gentle on our planet. Also, to live a life that focuses on experiences rather than things. With less things, I need less space. At the same time, I am trying to build a life that is financially stable and independent. There are many factors that need to fall into place, but I hope to purchase a “normal” home that will be rented out while I live in the backyard in a tiny house.This will hopefully set me up for a strong financial future.

I am so lucky to have an awesome support team who will be helping me out. My amazing friends Cody and Seth are offering a tremendous amount of help by letting me build on their land. Seth does fantastic work and will be helping me with the build. My goal is to be living in the tiny house before winter. Sound crazy? It probably is. I’ll blog about it here so you can follow along.

One thought on “Little Lou Tiny House

  1. I’m going to look forward to following your progress. I am excited to watch the process as I drive by. Margot


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